Product Features

Financial Advisor Software For Student Loan Repayment Analysis

Payment Options

Present financial comparisons of all of the student loan repayment options including standard term and all Income Based plans: REPAYE, ICR, PAYE, and Extended repayment.

Key Elements

Import your client’s student loan data direct from the NSLDS site. Create income based repayment plans based projected income and other factors.

Target Audience

The software and our advisor training programs help you target an audience that needs help choosing their repayment plan and modifying it as their finances change.

Client Strategy

Use the analysis and comparision features to help your client implement their ideal repayment strategy based on income and other factors. Calculate the tax effects of a loan forgiveness option.
Student loan status timeline

New Loan Status Timeline

Track all loans and their status over time in one view.

Student Loan Repayment Forecasting

The repayment analysis system allows you to enter income and other financial forecasting data. Projected income entries for future years and family planning numbers help you provide more accurate repayment plans.
Financial Advising for Student Loan Clients
Import student loan data from NSLDS to your client analysis

NSLDS Student Loan Data

Make student loan analysis easy using the loan data import feature. Get all of their current student loan data direct from the NSLDS web site. Refresh the data on demand.

Simple Pricing: $5/client based on annual billing. We cap your fee at $100/month.

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